• High cranking power

• High cycling resistance

• Long lifetime 

• Made in Europe

• 100% Maintenance free (hybrid also available)

• Very low auto-discharge

• Explosion proof lid

• Labyrinth lid and flame arrestor



Trucks and buses have intense needs for cranking power but also for highly demanding specific electrical devices.

A few examples of electrical devices that require much energy:
- Security equipment like parking sensors
- Comfort equipment like air conditionning or refrigerator
- On board computer, laptop, TV
- Inside and outside lighting
- Ticket distributors, electrical doors
- Information systems for passengers
- Radio transmission of data, numerical tachygraphy, telematic system

In order to provide a high level of energy to the engine and all the devices at the same time, truck batteries have to be reliable at any time, everywhere.

To ensure a complete and flawless service, truck batteries are made with labyrinth lid and highly shock and vibration resistant structure.


          The AGM TECHNOLOGY or «absorbent glass mat » is made of absorbent glass microfiber separators that retain the electrolyte and limit the loss of active mass. This composition helps to avoid acid stratification, the main cause of failure for vehicles equipped with many electrical consumers (like luxury and emergency vehicles for instance).

          It also ensures high resistance to cycling and vibrations, which is particularly needed for applications such as taxi and intensive use in urban areas, where restarts are numerous but the recharging process between every restart cannot be fully fulfilled.

FREEBATT heavy duty batteries offer the strongest shock and vibration resistance thanks to their unique design, engineered in Germany:

PP (Polypropylen) parts for fixation of connectors in cell 3 and 4

The hot melt under all connectors fixes loose end of plates

The hot melt and the fixations lead to a very high vibration resistance and a perfect fit for an end-of-frame installation.



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